Custom 4 inch munny

This little pink piece of vinyl has gone through so many paint experiments & acid tortures, it's so lucky to still be alive :)
Although I love vinyl toys, customs especially , I've always been too busy and haven't had a chance to paint one myself! So, this one is my first custom, a 4 inch mini munny portrait of my fashion-photographer-brother, as requested 0___0
It was so much fun working on this little guy, I plan to make some more.


Design Warriors exhibition

I've been invited by The Butter factory, a club space in Singapore, to take part in the Design warriors project, an exhibition of contemporary characters and art, curated by Phunk studio and the Butter Factory. They especially loved to have Fifico the rocking Oriole with them and if you look closely, you can see him partying in some pictures of the opening party :)

I managed to find him here:

and here: :)

See more pictures :
And all participating artists: