A new Yupyland and a new Blog!

I’m happy to announce that my new portfolio website is now up!
To check it out and see my new projects, please visit www.yupyland.com

Hope you’ll enjoy it, we've worked very hard for it!
Also, to keep things simple , I've decided to move my current blog to Yupyland.
My new blog address is : http://www.yupyland.com/blog. See you there!

The new Yupyland is designed and built by DINNERR design studio. I hope you like it as much as I do!


Custom Adidas Stan Smith

I know it's been ages since I've updated my portfolio with new work but that only means one thing: big updates soon! I'd hate to add new stuff on my current portfolio, since I've got a shiny new one coming online!
But I just couldn't resist posting some pictures of those Adidas shoes I've been asked to work on:


EΒΓΕ 2010 Design & Illustration Αwards

I am excited to participate in the illustrators jury for the EΒΓΕ 2010 design and illustration Annual Awards. The EΒΓΕ Awards are held annually to highlight the best design and illustration work of Greek designers and illustrators in the previous year.
We just received this year's EΒΓΕ information booklet and I just love the dog illustrations in it, created by MnP.
Entry deadline for the 2010 awards is on the 5th of February so hurry if you wish to participate!
All info here: http://www.ebge.gr/awards/index.php


Thunderchunky Time Capsule

To mark the end of the decade, Thunderchunky asked their favourite artists to submit one image to represent themselves in an illustration time capsule.
My addition to the TC Time Capsule is my Digital Arts magazine cover illustration that I created in 2008.
Click to visit the TC Time Capsule!


Vectortuts + interview

If you visit the vectortuts+ site, you'll be able to read my interview by Sean Hodge. Vectortuts+ is a big blog of articles and tutorials about vector illustration. A great site for illustrators!

Click to read the interview


Prints for sale at Inprnt.com

I've got two prints for sale at www.inprnt.com
They are available in three different sizes and printed on cotton rag paper using archival inks.
Get them here: http://www.inprnt.com/details/1900/
and here: http://www.inprnt.com/details/1899/


Athens Digital week 2009 – Character synthesis exhibition update!

Character synthesis exhibition was fun! We managed to take some pictures, but I must admit I need to practice more with our camera. Really. I must learn what all those buttons do.
These are my characters :)

You may see more pictures from the exhibition here: www.charactersynthesis.com


Athens Digital week 2009 – Character synthesis exhibition

I'm pleased to take part in "Character synthesis" group exhibition, which will take place in Tehnopolis, at the Fourni room during the Athens Digital Week festival October 14 - 18. The opening is today and I hope to see you there!

Participating artists: http://www.charactersynthesis.com/

Athens digital week: http://www.athensdigitalweek.org/


Custom 4 inch munny

This little pink piece of vinyl has gone through so many paint experiments & acid tortures, it's so lucky to still be alive :)
Although I love vinyl toys, customs especially , I've always been too busy and haven't had a chance to paint one myself! So, this one is my first custom, a 4 inch mini munny portrait of my fashion-photographer-brother, as requested 0___0
It was so much fun working on this little guy, I plan to make some more.


Design Warriors exhibition

I've been invited by The Butter factory, a club space in Singapore, to take part in the Design warriors project, an exhibition of contemporary characters and art, curated by Phunk studio and the Butter Factory. They especially loved to have Fifico the rocking Oriole with them and if you look closely, you can see him partying in some pictures of the opening party :)

I managed to find him here:

and here: :)

See more pictures :
And all participating artists:



The United Nations of Cupco exhibition took place at the Damien Minton gallery in Sydney and, Luke said that the show was lots of fun :)

You can see all the Cupco dolls here:


Also, Cupco uploaded a draft video of the show and you can see it here:


Bios - Design Walk

Bios featured the work of various Greek designers & artists during the Design Walk event in Athens. I was very happy to take part . Unfortunately, we weren't able to take any decent pictures but it was a really fun weekend and we had the chance to meet lots of great people :P

And a bad quality video (this is NOT my hand :D ):


We have moved into a new office :)

Well, that explains the lack of updates! More updates really soon!