100 international artists received a felt template
of a Cupco Doll from Luke Temby/CUPCO.
Come and see the 70 that came back.

December 10 - 20, Opening Party December 1

Artists include:
APAK + Bwana Spoons + Nakanari + Euan Macleod + J. Otto Siebold + Sixty40 + Diego Medina + Leo Robba + Abi Temby + Scrappers + Le Merde + Furi Furi + Kazmo + Little Frends of Printmaking + Arbito + Snaggs + Oliver Hibert + Wrecks + Dehara + Sam Gowing + John Yates + Shawn Wolfe + Yupyland + Kiyoshi Nakazawa + Shawnimals + Jeremyville + MCA + Peskimo + Steven Moore + Johnny Ryan + Abe Lincoln Jr. + Chris Magnusson + Nerissa Lea + Reg Lynch + Reach + Jude Fowler Smith + Chris Magnusson + Tado + Jon Burgerman + more...


Lifo illustration

Lifo newspaper's latest issue is all about books! I've been asked by Lifo to create a special illustration about my favorite book character. I've always been greatly inspired by Mr Irvine Welsh's "Filth" and created this illustration.


Jeremyville Sketchel

Sketchel series 2 has finally been released! Sketchels are one of a kind, custom designed satchel bags featuring work from lots of amazing artists around the world. My sketchel bag is available here:
Check out the sketchel project here:


Digital Arts magazine September issue

I've worked on the cover of this month's Digital Arts magazine. It's all about character design! :)


Black & White freedrawings

Black & White freedrawings is a book of collaborative drawings by Jan Willem Wennekes and over 40 international artists. I've had the pleasure to be a part of this book and create an epic drawing together with Jan.

The book looks really amazing!
See more sample pages of the book and get it here: Black & White freedrawings


United Nations of Cupco

Luke Temby-Cupco is one of my favorite artists and plush makers! His characters are really unique, funny and evil of course! One day the great Cupco invited 100 of his favorite artists and friends to decorate the Cupco doll template for the United Nations of Cupco show which will be held at the Damien Minton gallery in Sydney in Mid-2008. I was very excited to take part to the United Nations of Cupco project and customise a Cupco doll, giving the unique Yupyland flavour to it :D
So, this is my Cupcodoll, it is leather fabric and I've used acrylics to paint on it. The theme is based on an upcoming super secret very personal and very time-consuming project. But a very fun one! And a very very very! much loved one :)

Visit the United Nations of Cupco website to see the dolls created by some of my favorite artists, including Diego Medina, Tado, Jeremyville, Furi Furi and many many more!


Speakerdog greatest hits

Café Pause at Tokyo hosted a cool show, exhibiting a selection of the famous Speakerdog paper toys! The exhibition was on from 7th to 20th of April and my Speakerdog toy was lucky enough to travel to Tokyo and take part to this exhibition. Take a look at some pictures from the show:

This nerdy girl is my Speakerdog paper toy:

Hey, if you like the Speakerdog toys, you can visit the Speakerdog website and see all toys that various artists have created : take me to the weird paper toys!


Metal man v2 is here

Metal man is a character originally created by young Dopepope when he was in the 5th grade. Many years later he invited me and lots of other artists to redraw his Metalman robot guy and collected all the artworks into a book. The project was a great success and now Metalman v2 is here featuring more amazing artworks from many more artists! The Metalman books are available to buy here

Visit the Metalman project and have a look at all the great robot characters here: Take me to the robots!


Eleftheros Typos interview

Yes, this is another interview at Eleftheros Typos . E - Typos is a big big greek newspaper with many readers and I was very happy to be featured in there :) Interview photography by Christos Tzimas.


Tahydromos interview

Interview at tahydromos magazine, issue 418. Interview photograpy: Skevi Erotokritou, illustration : Meni Tzima. I absolutely look like a nerd on this picture :) More interviews coming really soon!


Yay! New blog! New blog!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog! I hope you enjoy your stay ^___^