United Nations of Cupco

Luke Temby-Cupco is one of my favorite artists and plush makers! His characters are really unique, funny and evil of course! One day the great Cupco invited 100 of his favorite artists and friends to decorate the Cupco doll template for the United Nations of Cupco show which will be held at the Damien Minton gallery in Sydney in Mid-2008. I was very excited to take part to the United Nations of Cupco project and customise a Cupco doll, giving the unique Yupyland flavour to it :D
So, this is my Cupcodoll, it is leather fabric and I've used acrylics to paint on it. The theme is based on an upcoming super secret very personal and very time-consuming project. But a very fun one! And a very very very! much loved one :)

Visit the United Nations of Cupco website to see the dolls created by some of my favorite artists, including Diego Medina, Tado, Jeremyville, Furi Furi and many many more!